Cultural Comparisons – Wonderings of a Curious Expat – Part 1 – Gym Culture

Alright, I’m no gym expert. I’m not a trainer, nutritionist, gym owner or named Arnold. However, I’ve spent a lot of time working out in gyms throughout my life. Mostly in California, as that’s where  I’m from. I’ve also lived in and worked out in Hungary, Taiwan, Washington DC, and Guatemala. Probably on average from the age of 12 till now about 3 days per week. So, that’s 20 years at 3 days per week, putting me at 3,120 days in the gym.

So, I’m no gym expert but I do have a good grasp on general gym etiquette and culture. From my roughly 3200 days in the gym I’ve absorbed a sense of what’s “normal” let’s say. I know that’s a dangerous word, as every country and every community has as it’s own social norms. But, never in my 3120 days of working out all over the globe have I experienced THIS…….



Bangkok, from this view, has a very peculiar set of social gym norms. Maybe it’s just my gym. Or, maybe just this district of Bangkok. Either way, this is not the norm I’m used to. I have more material I could share. Just gotta snap some more shots without being too creepy.

What are your thoughts? Can you shed any light on the shamelessly pumping iron shirtless phenomenon.



  1. leinanicarlson

    I’m embarrassed for the guy!


  2. Me too. Well at first I was. But I really don’t think it’s abnormal here. This is NOT his first offense.


  3. Nathan Kickham

    You love it 😉


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